12 Must-Have Items for Cruisers

These are our picks of the top 12 must-have items for cruisers - Photo by Canva

Do you have a cruise fanatic on your Holiday shopping list? What better way to surprise the avid travelers in your life than with a gift they can enjoy on their upcoming cruises. The following are our top 12 must-have items to gift cruisers. 

1. Motion Sensor Night Light

Never stub your toe or trip over something in the middle of the night again. Easy sits on any table, nightstand, or desk and conveniently turns on when motion is sensed. Portable, lightweight, and easy to carry to/from the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

2. Cruise Power Strip with USB Outlet

Be able to charge multiple devices at once and maximize the power outlet in your cabin with this cruise line-approved power strip.

3. Magnetic Hooks

Storage areas can be limited on some ships. Stay organized and use the magnetic hooks to hang things like purses and hats. They are also great to dry bathing suits after a day at the pool or beach.

4. Phone Camera Lens Set

Great for any shutterbug or photo enthusiast. These lenses easily attach to your phone for professional quality photos to capture vacation memories. 

5. UV Sanitizing Light 

Portable and lightweight UV sanitizing light can give travelers peace of mind that their hotel room, cruise cabin, and airplane seat are clean. We love this one as it’s rechargeable and easily slips into a pocket, purse, or carry-on luggage.

6. Floating Waterproof Phone Case

A fun-filled pool or beach day doesn’t mean you have to leave your phone behind. These cases are not only waterproof but they also float making it easy to find in the water. Choose from several colors so everyone knows which phone is theirs.

7. Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

Heralded as a relationship saver, the tropical scent before you go toilet spray works magic in small cabins. Your travel companions will thank you when you have one of these in the bathroom. Stop bathroom odors before they begin and be the hero of the cruise. 

8. Bedside Fan

Eliminate thermostat wars or just keep the air circulating with a small portable multi-speed fan. Great on the nightstand, desk, or anywhere in the cabin you need to cool off. 

9. Cruise Line Gift Certificate 

Cruisers love a gift certificate for their favorite cruise line either towards the purchase of their cruise or to be used onboard. There are several ways to do this either with the cruise line directly or with their travel agent. Most cruise lines offer shipboard credit available to purchase as an onboard gift and delivered to the cabin. This can be purchased directly from the cruise line website but you will need to know the booking number and cabin number to complete the purchase. Another option is to contact your travel agent and purchase a gift certificate directly to be used for future travel. 

10. Collapsible Travel Tote

We’ve all been there, packing to come up and you’ve purchased too many souvenirs or getting ready for a pool or beach day only to find out you’ve forgotten a tote bag. A collapsable travel tote fits nicely at the bottom of any suitcase or carry-on bag. You don’t realize you need a tote until you need it.

11. Portable Phone/USB Charger

Long travel or shore excursion days can drain even the heartiest of phone batteries. A portable charger allows you to charge on the go and ensure your phone is ready to capture vacation photos, check email, or just surf the web.

12. Hand Sanitizer

In the post-COVID cruising environment, staying safe is more important than ever. When you can’t a bathroom to wash your hands, hand sanitizer can give you peace of mind especially when traveling and on the go. Even more convenient, this clips onto a purse, belt buckle, or lanyard so it’s always within reach.

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, but the cruise fanatic in your life will surely be delighted with any of the thoughtful gift ideas above. Whether they are stocking stuffers or stand-alone gifts, any of these options will keep your favorite cruiser thinking of you for years to come. 

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