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In our opinion, one of the best places for ultimate relaxation on a cruise is a visit to the spa. Whether it’s time in the steam room, a couple’s massage, facial, pedicure, or fitness class, there’s something about a spa that makes one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. We recently shared some of our ways to bring the spa experience to your home in our article ‘More Ways to Cruise from Home’. In this edition of our couch cruising series, we are sharing a few additional ways to create that zen-like experience at your own home....

1. Pamper Your Skin

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Consistently, one of the most requested treatments at any ship spa is a facial. Between hydrating and cleansing your skin, plus giving you time to relax and be pampered, facial treatments have many great benefits. You can bring this spa favorite home thanks to an abundance of readily available face masks, and at-home facial treatments and scrubs. Some of our favorites include the New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask, this sheet mask collection by DERMAL, and this Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub & Exfoliator by Era Organics

2. Create an At-Home Yoga Studio 

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Even though you’re not at sea, there’s no reason why you can’t get your vinyasa flow on in the living room. Yoga is not only a fantastic workout but also a great activity to calm your mind. Everyone from novice to expert practitioners can get started with an at-home yoga routine with these tips from Self. To create that studio experience at home, we recommend online video classes by Yoga with Adrienne or classes (subscription-based) from popular brands CorePower Yoga and Gaia

3. Make Infused Spa Water

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If you are like us, when we get to the spa we make a beeline for the water cooler before sitting down to relax! There is something so refreshing about infused spa water that we just can’t get enough of. Recreating this experience at home is easy (and a great way to increase your water intake) with these 13 recipes from HGTV. We recommend a fruit infuser pitcher or water bottle like these from VeBo or Live Infinitely

4. Get Perfectly Polished 

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Mastering an at-home manicure or pedicure is no easy feat. Besides polishing, it takes a lot of buffing, shaping, and filing skills to get the same quality nails that you would have walking out of the spa. Allure breaks down the steps on how to give yourself an easy, salon-quality pedicure. We recommend pairing your well-groomed nails with OPI’s Strawberry Margarita polish or Essie’s Mademoiselle

5. Be Mindful 

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Sometimes the simplicity of quiet can be the best part of a spa experience. Without computers and social media (or possibly family members) at hand, the opportunity to sit in silence can be a spa treatment alone! Meditating can be a life-changing skill to master that can help you sleep, think clearly, and relax. There are many great apps that are available for download to help guide you through meditation practices such as Calm and Headspace. Spend a few minutes meditating with one of these options and get to the same relaxed state you feel on a cruise! 

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