8 Handy Items Most Cruisers Don't Pack

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Learn what unexpected items to pack from our members. - Photo by Michael Wick

There are certain essential items that everyone packs before a cruise, but we asked our users about the not-so-obvious items they always have in their suitcase. Some of the answers were so great we had to share to them.

1. Lightweight Rain Gear

cruise packing tips rain gear


2. One-Dollar Bills

cruise packing tips one dollar bills


3. Extension Cord / Power Strip

cruise packing tips extension cord strip



4. Flashlight

cruise packing tips flash light flashlight


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5. Portable Closet Organizer

cruise packing tips organizer closet


6. White Board

cruise packing tips white board


7. Zip-Lock Bags

cruise packing tips zip lock bags


8. (Fake) Tea Lights

cruise packing tips tea lights



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What handy item do you always bring on your cruise?


Posted by mavidal

Don't bring a power strip on Royall Caribbean, they will confiscate it and return it to you at your point of embarkation when you return. This just happened to us on March 3 on a southern caribbean cruise. They did not use to do this.

Posted by LuvFish

Magnets! Magnets can hold the "fun times" schedule in the room and keeps the excess paper together. Just put it on any wall! It also can be used to hold notes for the family. Chalk markers also write on mirrors and wipe off easily if you want to leave a note.

Posted by MrChocoholic

mavidal, what ship on RCI took away your power strip? I seriously DARE them to try that with me, sleeping with a CPAP. As for stuff that's easy to forget, I have a couple more to include: a cheap watch that you won't miss if you leave it somewhere or you break it. An alarm clock. DEFINITELY bring some of those car deodorizers, the thing that hang from your rear view mirror.

Posted by BonnieRuth

I love the tea light idea!! It's my understanding you can bring a power strip as long as it's not a surge protector. If it's a surge protector almost all the cruise lines will confiscate it. In lieu of a white board, we use Post-It Notes and stick them to the mirror on the inside of the cabin.

Posted by DrDave2k

Ok, some might find this ridiculous, some might find it helpful. I suggest taking an Ultraviolet flashlight and UV glasses to check for undesirable residue and (I hate to say it) bedbugs. You just never know.

Posted by flexibleFreddy

Always bring some AA Batteries

Posted by Windfinder

We print pictures of our animals on magnetic printer paper. You can find it at Target or Wal-Mart. The walls of most cabins are metal so you can put the pictures anywhere. This way our daughter is not so home sick because she can still see pictures of her Dog and Horses. I have seen people use magnets to decorate their cabin doors also. The down side to this, is that if you have a lot of magnets in your suitcase, TSA will search it.

Posted by Mermaidstyle

Lol, and I was hoping for things to help me NOT over packšŸ¤£

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