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Carnival Glory has two two-story main dining rooms, called Platinum and Golden. They are both Japanese temple-inspired, with cherry blossom accents and rich wooden tones throughout. The Platinum dining room is for those with traditional set times for dinner, and the Golden’s upper level is the same. The lower level is for those with Your Time Dining, meaning they can go to dinner whenever they want within the dinnertime hours and there are no assigned tables.

The Red Sail Restaurant is Glory’s nautical-themed lido deck buffet, and it has two stories. The lower floor is dedicated to the majority of the buffet area and upstairs has a dedicated seafood counter. The lido pool area includes complimentary Carnival favorites BlueIguana Cantina serving up burritos and tacos, as well as Guy’s Burger Joint offering hand-cut fries and a menu of tantalizing burgers. Other included dining venues include Ol’ Fashioned Barbeque and the 24/7 Pizza Pirate.

Specialty dining onboard Carnival Glory includes the Seafood Shack serving New England-inspired seaside favorites, the American-style steakhouse, and specialty coffees and other treats at the Coffee Bar.

Included dining

24-Hour Room Service Photo

24-Hour Room Service

(1 Review)

So you're in the mood for some good eats, but you’d rather stay in your comfy, cozy stateroom? Reall...

BlueIguana Cantina Photo

BlueIguana Cantina

(29 Reviews)

Stop here for some tacos or burritos. This Mexican themed venue is casual, so feel free to bring you...

Burrito Bar Photo

Burrito Bar

(12 Reviews)

Roll it, wrap it, stuff it — however you like it, you'll love these made-to-order burritos. Customiz...

Dining Room Photo

Dining Room

(16 Reviews)

Three courses, no pretension. This kinda- fancy dining event brings a premium selection of food opt...

Golden Restaurant Photo

Golden Restaurant

(37 Reviews)

Treasure your meal. Enjoy an elegant, delectable and undeniably delicious dining experience in the G...

Guy's Burger Joint Photo

Guy's Burger Joint

(77 Reviews)

This casual dining venue was developed in conjunction with Food Network personality and restaurateur...

Lido Marketplace Photo

Lido Marketplace

(20 Reviews)

Featuring an amazing variety of casual dining spots, each just a few flip-flopped steps from the las...

Pizza Pirate Photo

Pizza Pirate

(34 Reviews)

Grab a slice of your favorite kind of pie here at the pizzeria. This location offers a great altern...

Platinum Restaurant Photo

Platinum Restaurant

(59 Reviews)

Treasure your meal. Enjoy an elegant, delectable and undeniably delicious dining experience in the G...

Red Sail Restaurant Photo

Red Sail Restaurant

(7 Reviews)

Red Sail (Lido Restaurant) - Stroll around the buffet and explore many international cuisines and ma...

Swirls Photo


(1 Review)

Got room for dessert? Sure you do! Swirls™ ice cream lets you enjoy the sweeter side of brain freeze...

Taste Bar Photo

Taste Bar

A voyage to new destinations is the perfect time to try new things… and here’s the perfect place: Th...

The Carnival Deli Photo

The Carnival Deli

(19 Reviews)

Pack that hoagie full of some sliced meats and don't you forget the pickle! Lay off the onion if you...

Specialty dining

Emerald Room Steakhouse Photo

Emerald Room Steakhouse

(23 Reviews)

The Emerald Room Steakhouse includes gourmet delicacies and mouth-watering favorites everyone will l...

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast Photo

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast

Pack your imagination, but don’t forget your appetite as the whole family embarks on a breakfast tha...

JavaBlue  Café Photo

JavaBlue Café

(13 Reviews)

Take a break from all the fun you're having and grab a cup o' joe at JavaBlue Café. Maybe you take...

Seafood Shack Photo

Seafood Shack

(3 Reviews)

A good seafood dish is quite the catch. However you like yours served — whether it’s on a roll or a...

The Chef's Table Photo

The Chef's Table

Treat your taste buds to the experience of a lifetime, culminating in a sumptuous multicourse dinner...

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