Frequently asked questions

How is different from other cruise review sites?

Via its partnership with five leading cruise agencies, is able to guarantee the authenticity of thousands of verified reviews for its community members – that means real reviews by real people. It also provides a social platform for cruisers to ask and answer questions and get to know each other before upcoming cruises.

What is a verified cruise review?

When a cruise review is verified, it means that through our partnerships with specific cruise agencies, has verified that the person reviewing the cruise has actually sailed on that cruise and has a real answer for you.

Are the reviews honest?

100%. We are committed to providing objective, unbiased reviews. We do not edit the reviews, so both the positive and the negative reviews are included.

How many reviews are currently available?

There are over 200,000 cruise reviews currently available on the website – and that number is growing every day!

How can I sign up to be a member?

You can sign up with your Facebook account (don't worry – we won't post to your timeline without your permission) or email address. If using email, don't forget to upload a profile picture!

Why become a member of

As a registered member, you'll have the ability to interact on the website – that means asking and answering questions of the forums, writing cruise reviews and meeting fellow passengers on upcoming cruises.

What are Cruiseline points? Can I redeem points for anything?

Cruiseline points are our way of tallying up all your contributions to the site. As you earn more points, you will unlock new badges (see below question). As of now, they're redeemable for bragging rights only, though we're working on creating tangible rewards in the future.

What are badges? How can I earn them?

Badges are our way of rewarding loyal community members who consistently provide helpful reviews and expand our communal knowledge pool. As of now, you can earn up to five badges: Review Contributor: Level 1 (submit 3 reviews), Review Contributor: Level 2 (submit 10 reviews), Review Contributor: Level 3 (submit 20 reviews), Review Gold Star (receive 10 helpful up-votes on a specific review), Forum Helper (submit answers to 5 different discussions), and Big Tipper (submit a total of 10 tips on ships or ports.)

How can community members contact each other?

There is currently no way to contact someone directly, though with a custom profile you can interact with others by commenting on their reviews, discussion posts and roll call comments.

Does it cost money to participate?

No! is absolutely free.

What is a roll call?

A roll call is a place for people who are signed up for the same cruise (same ship and departure date) to connect. Make friends before you set sail, exchange tips on what to do onboard and in the ports and maybe even organize a shore excursion with your ship mates!

Can I buy a cruise on your site?

Nope. is a resource for you to research cruise vacations and interact with fellow cruisers. We do not directly sell cruises – it's what makes us the objective source that we are.

I'm new to cruising. Where do I start?

Start by creating a custom profile so you can introduce yourself to your fellow cruisers. Build your dream vacation by reading reviews of destinations, cruise lines and ships and learning about ports. If you have a question you can't find an answer to, post it to a discussion forum. Someone from the community will likely have an answer for you.

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