Get Your Cruise On, At Home

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Are you missing the days when you could hop onto a cruise ship and sail out into the clear blue seas? We are too! While you’re at home quarantining, bring the imaginative kid in you to life and make-believe you are on a cruise. Whether you are missing the spa, entertainment, food, cocktails, dance clubs or casinos, here’s how you can experience these popular cruise ship favorites from the comfort of your home using our Couch Cruising series.  

Start your adventure with a spa day. Slip into a comfy robe and slippers, light some candles, turn on an essential oil diffuser and some spa music, give yourself a mani/pedi, wash and moisturize your face, take a nap or just relax. You can even put a picture of the ocean on your television, kick your feet up and sip a cocktail like this couple who recreated their anniversary cruise that was canceled at home.

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If you are a fan of the onboard entertainment, there are a ton of ways you can recreate various cruise ship games. Find an online BINGO game and hop on a Zoom call to play with others; have a karaoke party; or play Trivial Pursuit or a virtual trivia game on YouTube offered by some of the cruise lines.

Now that you’ve had an amazing day of pampering and fun, it’s time for dinner and cocktails. Did you know that you can find some of your favorite cruise line food and drink recipes online? Check out our Tasty Tuesday page if you are looking for some ideas. Create the right ambiance by using fine china, dimming the lights, eating dinner by candlelight and having beautiful flowers as your centerpiece. Cheers!

After dinner, it will be time to party! Turn down the lights and bring out the strobe light to create your favorite cruise ship dance club. Crank up the music, forget all your worries and just dance!

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What, you don’t dance? Oh, you’re more of a casino person. No worries. Grab a deck of cards, some casino chips and start gambling. If you don’t have anyone who wants to play with you, that shouldn’t stop you. There are plenty of online casino games including Bovada Blackjack, Slots and more.

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If all of this isn’t your cup of tea, many cruise lines offer ‘virtual cruises’ online. Who knows, you may watch one of these and get an idea for your next cruise vacation.


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