Packing Tips for a Post COVID-19 Cruise

cruise packing tips post COVID19
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With the succesful return to sailing, now is the time to think about what you will need to prepare for your upcoming cruise. Each cruise line will have different requirements when they welcome passengers on board, but here are a few things to consider packing in your suitcase (or carry on) to take on your cruise.

1. Disinfecting Wipes

These come in handy not only on a plane or car ride but also in the cabin, during shore excursions or just anytime you need a quick clean for your hands, table, or surfaces.

Our recommendation: Clorox disinfecting bleach-free wipes

2. Hand Sanitizer

While the cruise lines will have sanitizing stations throughout the ships, it’s a good idea to keep your own personal supply for times when you either can’t find a station or just need a quick squirt before eating or drinking. There are several small sizes available, many of which you can easily attach to a lanyard or fit in a pocket or purse. 

Our recommendation: Travel size hand sanitizer with keychain holder

3. Face Mask

Face mask protocol will vary by cruise line, however there is a good chance that you may at some point be required to wear a mask while onboard. We recommend checking with your cruise line or travel agent regarding mask specifications and what the requirements for wearing a mask will be. 

Our recommendation: Protective mask that is washable and reusable

4. UV Sanitizing Light

These are great to use in your cabin or personal space to sanitize an area without harsh chemicals. The travel size fits nicely in a bag or purse for quick and easy use on the go.

Our recommendation: Portable UV-C Germicidal Wand for Home and Travel

5. Night Light

A portable night light can be a lifesaver for the middle of the night trips to the bathroom. Not only does it help prevent tripping over furniture, but it may also alleviate stubbing a toe on a wall, bed, or chair. A motion sensor night light is a must-have for hotels as well as cruise cabins and fits easily into a carry-on or checked bag.

Our recommendation: Cruise cabin night light with motion sensor

6. Sunscreen & Aloe Vera

A day at the beach or lounging by the pool can be ruined with a sunburn. Be sure to protect yourself with a high SPF sunscreen before heading out and reapply often especially if you are in the water. To keep your sun-kissed glow, be sure to moisturize with good after sun aloe lotion.

Our recommendations: Sunscreen - Coppertone Sport SPF50 Travel Size multi-pack

Aloe - Bert’s Bees After Sun Aloe and Coconut Oil Lotion

7. Lanyard

Keeping track of your cruise card is easy with a lanyard. The clear pouch also has room for casino money, a few business cards or anything else card-sized you need to carry with you. The hand sanitizer (mentioned above) easily clips right onto the lanyard.

Our recommendation: Cruise lanyard and key card holder (2 pack)

8. Power outlet expander

Many cabins only come equipped with one or two outlets yet you have several devices that need to be used or charged at any given time. Inevitably someone needs to use a hairdryer, flat, or curling iron, while someone else is trying to charge up a phone or other devices simultaneously. Now several devices can be used with a cruise line approved non-surge outlet expander. 

Our recommendation: Cruise power strip with USB outlets (cruise line approved) is a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising revenue by promoting and linking to

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