widgets for travel publishers

Looking for a simple way to monetize your website traffic? If you're a travel website with cruise content, add any or both of these widgets to your site by adding just a few lines of code. Email us at if you are interested.

Check prices widget

There are 5 search types for this widget. Depending on the type of content you have you can choose any one of these five:

  • General: This will search ALL cruises. Your users will first select a destination, then date, cruise line and cruise to see prices.
  • Cruise Line: Select this if you want your users to search for cruises only for a specific cruise line. E.g. if you have an article about Carnival, this goes well next to it. The widget finds the lowest price for a given cruise.
  • Ship: Similar to cruise line, but only searches for cruises on a specific ship. Your user simply selects a cruise and date to see prices.
  • Port: Finds all cruises to a specific port. E.g. This shows the top cruises to Cozumel. Once user selects a cruise, the ship name will appear. For ports that are popular, users can click on View All Cruises.
  • Destination: Searches all cruises to a specific destination. This fits well with destination content on your site. Your users select a date and cruise line to see prices.

Adding this widget to your site is simple and fast (a few lines of code). If you have cruise content and want give your users the ability to find current pricing, email us at


Ship itinerary widget

This updated design makes it easier for users to quickly find the lowest price for their sailing. Users can easily filter by different sail dates and cabin types to find the price they’re looking for. This widget uses a horizontal orientation, which means it’s designed to be placed directly into the body of a page, and not on the right rail.

Top 10 cruise deals widget

We monitor prices for every cruise looking for prices drop within the past 7 days. The top 10 price drops are listed here on this widget. Widget can be customized to show the top 10 deals for any destination including Caribbean, Alaska and Europe. Easily add this widget to the right rail of your site with a few lines of code.

CruiseMatch for New Cruisers

Allow your users to find their perfect cruise by answering a few simple questions.

*Please note, these widgets are only available to travel and cruise websites.